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Wherewolf replaces traditional paper waivers with your own branded arrival app that captures customer data for powerful customer management. It's customised to collect the information you want, displays it how you need it and sends it back to Rezdy!

  • Ensure your customers first impression is a lasting impression with your companies own arrival app
  • No need for clipboards, paper and pen. Wherewolf collects all the information you need and stores the digital waiver.
  • "For office use only" on a form is a thing of the past. If you use the form to add information or as part of your operations we have you covered.
  • Bespoke tools to help manage your customers that compliment Rezdy's operations features.
  • An option is to have your customers check-in before they arrive
  • Marketing suites and automated follow up emails included

Wherewolf can be contacted via phone, email or message. They also have 24/7 system monitoring the software

Set up fee's vary by level of customisation and design needed. Plans begin at $79/month for an unlimited number of iPads

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Integration available on Rezdy Foundation, Accelerate and Expansion plan.

Wherewolf standard pricing applies